industrial zone

Kolín - Ovčáry

Basic information

Industrial zone Kolín-Ovčáry with the total usable area of more than 370 ha is located about 4km north of the centre of Kolín in Central Bohemia. The industrial zone is only 50km far from Prague and the area has perfect location and connection to international infrastructure. The biggest investor in the zone is Toyota car factory. There are 10.5ha of plots available for the investors. The industrial zone Kolín-Ovčáry is located in municipality of Kolín, cadastral area Sendražice at Kolín and municipality of Ovčáry, cadastral area Ovčáry at Kolín.

name of the zone:Strategic industrial zone Kolín - Ovčáry
country:Czech republic
municipality with extended competence:Kolín
distance:9km D11, 4km railway, 74km airport/span>
type of the zone:strategic industrial zone
total zone area:370 ha
prepared vacant plots for investrors:10.5 ha
price for 1 m2 of plot parcel:468Kč excluding VAT and other hidden fees

Plots of various dimensions are ready for sale in the area of Strategic industrial zone Kolín – Ovčáry. In these plots there are no barriers (neither physical nor administrative) which would prevent immediate initiation of construction of common production halls, which will not threaten the environment. It is real to prepare and manage the building of such halls during 8 – 12 months (the average duration of the permission process depends on approval process – EIA, building permission). There is necessity of close cooperation of the investor and their project and engineering company which ensures the preparation of the building with all state administration authorities which issue individual partial territorial and building decisions.

Basic conditions
set for the industrial zone from the cadastral plan

Main purpose

  • industrial production of mass, factory and mass-series character
  • area designated for location of industrial production plants and their additional services
  • it represents monofunctional area reserved for big investors

Allowable usage of the area, activities and building

  • business activities
  • living for landlord, temporary accommodation for employees
  • parking for vehicles of employees and visitors
  • additional, utility and logistic areas
  • mass-productive, productive, industrial activity
  • utility areas of public facilities of public interest
  • purposeful and local infrastructure

Technical infrastructure

  • drinking water - DN 150, DN 200, capacity 140 l/s, AT station
  • sewerage system - combined system of gravity and pressure sewerage
  • own sewage plant and retentive basin
  • electric energy - wire 110 kV, transform plant 110/22 kV
  • telecommunication - telecommunication network including optical cable
  • communications including public lights, pavements and bike routes
  • railway siding located in northern part of the zone
  • gas - DN 110-160, overpressure is guaranteed in level 300 kPa
  • anti-noise bulwark

Main advantages

Location and connection

situated in central Bohemia
50km far from Prague
9km accessible from D11 motorway
4km access to railway
the biggest investor – car producer Toyota