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Raisa and Manag companies to move to the industrial zone 14. 1. 2020

The sale of two other plots in the industrial zone Kolín - Ovčáry has been approved. The municipal council voted for the sale during their last meeting in 2019 and the purchase contract was signed at the beginning of 2020. The first sold plot is the area in sector G of the total area of 1.2ha. This plot belongs to Raisa company which focuses on building and ...

Sodovkárna Kolín (soda-making company) has bought a plot in the industrial zone 19. 12. 2019

KOLI limonády company, Sodovkárna Kolín decided to enlarge its premises which does not meet the capacity requirements. From the To...

The Town has sold other plots in the zone to a Japanese company 22. 10. 2019

There is another Japanese investor coming to the big industrial zone Kolín-Ovčáry. The municipal council voted for the sale of the plot of total area 5.5ha next to Ingersoll, which means sector F, for the total price of 27 million Czech Crowns. The purchaser is the Sanko Gosei Czech company, which is a Japanese company which established a Czech entity. Mayor...

Main advantages for investors

  • favourable location and transport accessibility
  • high-quality infrastructure of the zone
  • fully-equipped with engineering network
  • minimum plot area 1 ha
  • accessible and highly-qualified labour force
  • support of the town of Kolín and Czechinvest
  • low price of the plots
  • references from current investors

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