industrial zone

Kolín - Ovčáry

The Town has sold other plots in the zone to a Japanese company 22. 10. 2019

There is another Japanese investor coming to the big industrial zone Kolín-Ovčáry. The municipal council voted for the sale of the plot of total area 5.5ha next to Ingersoll, which means sector F, for the total price of 27 million Czech Crowns. The purchaser is the Sanko Gosei Czech company, which is a Japanese company which established a Czech entity. Mayor Michael Kašpar said: ´The negotiations took almost one year, co-ordinating also with CzechInvest.´

Sanko Gosei deals with automotive industry, particularly with production of plastic parts. The company is one of important suppliers of Toyota.

The production is to start in 2021. From the start, the company will employ approximately 40 - 50 people. ´It should not mean a significant traffic burden. After the full production starts, there will be from two to six trucks a day,´ the mayor claimed.