industrial zone

Kolín - Ovčáry

Sodovkárna Kolín (soda-making company) has bought a plot in the industrial zone 19. 12. 2019

KOLI limonády company, Sodovkárna Kolín decided to enlarge its premises which does not meet the capacity requirements. From the Town of Kolín the company bought a plot of total area of 2.5ha in the industrial zone near Ovčáry.

The signing of the purchase contract took place in festive atmosphere in mayor´s office. Sodovkárna company was represented by Vavruška couples, both younger and older. We are very delighted with the success and growth of Kolín companies. In the long term,  Sodovkárna also supports cultural, sports and social events in Kolín and belongs among those companies that are interested in Kolín matters. Thank you and good luck with the construction of new production spaces.