industrial zone

Kolín - Ovčáry

Raisa and Manag companies to move to the industrial zone 14. 1. 2020

The sale of two other plots in the industrial zone Kolín - Ovčáry has been approved. The municipal council voted for the sale during their last meeting in 2019 and the purchase contract was signed at the beginning of 2020. The first sold plot is the area in sector G of the total area of 1.2ha. This plot belongs to Raisa company which focuses on building and energy industry. The company will build warehouses, an administrative building and production halls. Until now it has been located in Havlíčkova street in Kolín. 

The other sold plot, also in sector G, is of the total area of more than 1.5ha. This plot is owned by Manag Real company, a supplier in the field of petrochemical and chemical industry which produces i.e. electric devices for high-risk explosion environment or sensors for gas detection, including their calibration and service.

Also in this case it concerns the  moving of current Kolín investor, this time from Šťáralka, where it has been active for 25 years. Both companies do not present any significant traffic burden for the industrial zone.

´Currently after the sale of the above-mentioned areas in the big industrial zone, there are still approximately 55ha of free plots left´, specified the mayor Michael Kašpar.